Preschool Karate - Testimonial
Thanks for a great beginners class this
morning. Being the mother of 7, with 6 adopted
kids and one biological I am so pleased you
have a program like yours.  It is so valuable to
teach kids to listen, follow directions and be
respectful. This is perfect!
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Solid White
• Must be able to follow the rules of the class
• Pay attention and follow directions
• Show respect toward their Parents and Karate instructor

White w/ Yellow Stripe
• All of the above
• Must know 3 punches (high, middle, low)
• High block
• Ice Cream block
• Kicks (front, side, back)

White w/ Orange Stripe
• All of the above
• Telephone block
• Down block
• Shuto
• Sweat Block / Double Block
• Roundhouse kick

White w/ Purple Stripe
• All of the above
• Basic Hand Pattern
• Jumping Front Kick
• Long Stance / Cat Stance

White w/ Green Stripe
• All of the above
• Kihon Kata Shodan

White w/ Red Stripe
• All of the above
• Kihon Kata Nidan
• Kihon Kata Sandan

White w/ Brown Stripe
• All of the above
• Fukyu No Kata

Preschool Karate Rules

1.  Bow before entering or leaving class.
2.  Raise our hand to ask questions.
3.  Ask permission before leaving class.
4.  Keep our hands to ourselves.
5.  Listen when teacher is talking.
6.  Stand at attention (Joskit).
7.  Be respectful to teachers and parents.
8.  Answer AYes Sir/Maim@.
9.  Follow directions.
10.Have Fun!

Special Requests

session.  You will be allowed back inside during the last 5-10
minutes of class.  Students will learn at a faster pace with less
distractions.   They will be able to focus better, and most
importantly they will transition much better when starting
school.  Lastly, parents will be asked to volunteer during class.

Thank You for your support.

Saturday 10:30am